Università degli Studi di Padova – UNIPD; Marco Mongillo

Short Description of the institution and department.

The University of Padova is the second oldest university in the world and is an established Italian research authority in the biomedical sciences. The Department of Biomedical Sciences is internationally recognized in cell biology, ranging from Ca2+ biology (groups of Pozzan, Rizzuto, Volpe), mitochondrial biology (Scorrano, Bernardi) to cardiac signalling (Mongillo, Di Lisa, Gorza) and muscle biology (Sandri, Schiaffino), providing a highly interactive scientific environment.


Contribution to the project.

Our team will significantly contribute to the development of in vivo imaging of intracellular signals which underlying cardiac arrhythmias in WP3. The project will span all levels from cell to in vivo imaging and even develop a technique which could be applied in the future to the patient heart. The techniques and protocols used for intact heart imaging will be developed in close collaboration with WP1a. We will develop strategy to selective activate and inactivate arrhythmogenic currents by light in WP9 and WP17.´


Department of Experimental Biomedical Sciences

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