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Short description of the institution and department

Endotherm Life Science Molecules, located at the Science Park on the campus of the Universiät des Saarlandes in Saarbruecken/Germany, serves as a Contract Research Organisation (CRO), providing medicinally relevant compounds for drug discovery and the early phases of drug development. Endotherm is mainly involved with hit-finding, hit-to-lead and lead optimization studies to support drug discovery programmes of its customers. Additionally, the company is involved with internal drug discovery research programmes by taking part of various national and international collaborations. Unique compound collections of small molecule libraries and single compounds in wide diversity have been accumulated in recent years. The company has appropriate scientific personnel, tools and equipment available for rational drug design, for the synthesis of new molecules, for the assessment of bioavailability of bioactive compounds in silico and experimentally, and has access to a wide range of analytical instrumentation.

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Contribution to the project

Endotherm will design and provide novel small molecule modulators for targets identified and validated by the consortium partners. The evaluation of Endotherm´s compounds is envisaged together with participants and work packages WP3, WP4, WP6, WP8, WP12, WP14, and WP17. Additionally, the company will establish inhouse automated cell based assay technologies for evaluation of all newly synthesized compounds together with participant 4 (Godfrey Smith, Glasgow). The implemented assay technology platform will be provided to all partners of the consortium and will be finally commercially exploited.


Endotherm GmbH

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