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Short Description of the institution and department

Light4Tech (L4T) is a high-tech company which is specialized on developing projects, prototypes and products in the fields of photonics, optics and spectroscopy. L4T capitalizes on strong connections with both public academic and private research laboratories worldwide, that can cooperate with L4T in studying and developing cutting edge technology and innovative solutions. In particular L4T have agreements with LENS - European Laboratory for Non-linear spectroscopy and Department of Physics of University of Florence which regulate the exchange of use of facilities and know-how between the entities. L4T has the ability to carry forward the research to the stage of developing prototypes, applying for international patents, and engineering industrial products suitable for the market.

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Contribution to the project

Application of fast and deep multispot multiphoton microscopy to detect arrhythmogenic cell signals in the intact heart (Ca2+, voltage). We will contribute feasibility studies, technical development, characterisation and optimisation of Random Access multi-photon microscopy towards the in vivo optical detection of arrhythmic heart activity to WP3, WP4, WP6 and data to WP11 and WP12.


Light4tech Firenze s.r.l.

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