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Short Description of the institution and department

PolyGene was founded in 2001 with a unique and novel transgenesis technology aimed at reducing the number of animals needed for biological experimentation by providing novel models and thereby reducing the number of strains necessary within the investigation of a given project. Based in Switzerland, PolyGene strictly applies, and whenever possible, exceeds, the strict Swiss animal welfare requirements, and is proud of having a small and excellent mouse facility with complete absence of infectious diseases in the company history. In its standard services (classical transgenesis, blastocyst injection), PolyGene has constantly improved procedures by continuous optimization of superovulation, breeding conditions, and injection techniques, and delivers successful projects with the industry standard of minimal animal numbers used. Most of all, the company believes that rather than only top-of-the-art infrastructure and SOPs, the strongest factor of a successful and healthy animal colony are motivated, well-educated and adequately paid animal caretakers, and adheres strictly to these principles.

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Contribution to the project

With several consortia partners requiring novel mouse models in WP6, WP7, WP8, WP10 PolyGene will collaborate directly in the project design, vector cloning and mouse generation. If not requested differently, PolyGene will perform all steps following the project design autonomously. In addition, PolyGene will perform some related project work (in vitro validations, embryonic stem cell differentiation). As a major scientific contribution, PolyGene will develop the antibiotic-regulatable improved model for cardiac-specific gene regulation as part of WP1b. If successful, this improved model will be shared with the scientific community.

PolyGene AG

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