University System of Maryland, Baltimore

Short description of the institution and department

USM Baltimore is a biology based research institute in the State of Maryland (USA) with expertise in basic and medical sciences with strong translational capability. There are four centers of excellence (Medical, Marine, Biosystems, Structural Biology). The team leader Lederer is the Director of the Medical Biotechnology Center (MBC) and its subdivision, the Institute of Molecular Cardiology (IMC). The Institute of Molecular Cardiology specializes in cellular and subcellular investigations in physiology and pathophysiology of the heart using advanced optical and electrophysiological techniques. Mathematical modeling of experimental results is one of the areas of expertise of IMC scientists. Dr. Lederer has pioneered microdomain Ca2+ imaging and analysis in heart disease, and will contribute his unique experimental and modeling expertise to the study of pro-arrhythmogenic signaling defects and the testing of anti-arrhythmic therapeutic rationales.


Contribution to the project

The team leader heads the WP12 on mathematical modeling of cellular and subcellular calcium signaling at the microscopic scale. Using published and new results generated by this proposal, WP12 will create robust mathematical models of subcellular & molecular calcium signaling. The models will enable us to investigate and test how calcium leak occurs and how it contributes to arrhythmogenesis at the cellular level. This detailed modeling will be linked to whole heart arrhythmic modeling in WP11. The models will also enable the group to better understand how new and established therapeutic agents provide beneficial actions.  In addition members of the Lederer lab will do advanced cellular and subcellular investigations on calcium signaling and on the molecular basis of leak mechanisms using our advanced instrumentation and shared mouse models of disease in WP2, WP3, WP4, WP6, WP7, WP8, WP10 and WP13.

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