University Medical Center Utrecht - UMCU

Short Description of the institution and department

The UMCU is an academic hospital belonging to the University of Utrecht, which is listed in the top 50 of the Shanghai Index. Patient care, research and education are divided over 12 divisions of which the Division Heart and Lungs is one. Within this division there are 4 departments. Among them are Cardiology and Medical Physiology, which research is devoted to electrical remodelling and arrhythmias in heart failure. Research within the UMCU is structured in 7 programs: cardiovascular science is one of the 4 disease oriented topics. Chair of this program is the investigator Prof. Dr. M.A. Vos.

Contribution to the project

Within this consortium, our expertise is in the field of developing early diagnostic electrical biomarkers that can be used to risk stratify patients predisposed to ventricular arrhythmias and sudden death. In addition, experimental work will be conducted to screen existing and new anti-arrhythmic drug entities in order to control triggered ventricular arrhythmias.


University Medical Center Utrecht

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Cardiovascular Sciences (Chair: Prof. M. Vos)